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The Authentic Original Patented Hungarian Salt Pipe

Salt Pipe is the patented product that has come out after an intense research and development for asthma treatment. This amazing discovery emerged from a wonderful country from Central Europe named Hungary. This country is being acknowledged for its diverse natural resources which are well known to the world. This country also is the nation of lots of discoveries like Albert Szent-Györgyi discovered Vitamin C who created the first artificial vitamin and László Bíró invented ballpoint pen etc.

The salt pipe product which is mentioned here requires no refilling proving it to be the only product of its kind. No refilling means uninterrupted 100% fresh breathing unless it is not ruptured. Saltpipe® is crafted with one piece of ceramic with safety valve inside to provide secure breathing. This product is medically approved with CE registration that means anyone can fully rely on this product.

Air pollution is a major issue in Indian metro cities as well as some least developed cities too. For an instance Delhi itself is most polluted city in India. Due to these reasons many people are facing respiratory problem that includes asthma, allergies, sinus problems and bronchitis. In this adverse situation this very product which consists of natural Halite salt crystals with ceramic filters, proves to be a savior for all those people affected by any kind of respiratory problem.

Buy Salt Pipe today and get all the benefits of a Salt Cave Therapy at the comfort of your home with much less expense.

What's Inside The Saltpipe®?

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Halite salt crystals (from the mountains of Hungary) as a sole element provides natural breathing like mountains without having any kind of chemical supplement. That means it can be used as one of the most reliable asthma treatment as well as natural home remedies for asthma. This inhaler for asthma treatment is very easy to use and most effective device which is actually based on the technique of Salt room Therapy.

The Saltpipe India is totally committed to give you the best quality with the crystals and salts that have been picked up from the ancient caves of civilizations. Some medical experts are also suggesting Saltpipe as an ayurvedic treatment for asthma, bronchitis treatment and chronic bronchitis treatment.

So if you are found of natural inhaling that fresh and aromatic air of nature then this product is only meant for you. As benefits of using salt therapy which is the concept of our Saltpipe India that uses European Crystal salt from several salt caves in Europe consumed for Salt Therapy, not Himalayan salt. The advantage of Halite Salt in Saltcave in Europe is that the evaporating is much better than pink Himalayan salt present in Himalayan salt inhaler.

We are the authorized distributors of salt pipe in India. Salt Pipe is a medically approved and clinically tested product. Pictures shown below are the proof of clinical approval.